Telephone No: 302-387-1363
Telephone No: 302-387-1363

Private Lessons For Your School(s)

Classroom Setting

We are prepared to offer 3 day private lessons for Course 1 ”Basic Teaching Methods”  or Course 2 “Intermediate Becoming a More Effective Teacher” or Course 3 “Advanced Classroom Management” taught by Dr. Alaina Desjardin on ZOOM!

Given the need for interactive instruction these lessons are offered for from 15 students to 25 students.  They do not have to travel for in person courses or only attend from your school location.  Once signed up they can take the course from any computer – anywhere.

The cost of this service is $300 per student with a minimum of 15 students.

Dr Alaina Desjardin will schedule the course dates as she has several other commitments as well as with Education and Training Associates.

Contact or phone 302-387-1363 for further information.